Quality & Sustainability

Quality and Certification

As traders of food mushrooms quality is the key to our success and one of our most important company goals. That is why we have a consequent management of our quality assurance to always offer the highest quality while maintaining consistent product properties. Product quality also means to us that the legal requirements will be met and changing customer demands will be satisfied.

Our IFS Logistics and IFS Broker certification make the greatest demands on our quality management system, which is reviewed annually and audited by external companies. We also perform regular residue analysis in accredited German laboratories and are proud that the values are far below the legally allowable limits.

Sustainability and Economic Activity

We want to satisfy customer wishes and requirements sustainably in harmony with humans and nature, maintain long-term jobs and create new ones, always with the goal of maintaining the economic stability of our family business.

That is why the following is clear to us:

  • -Production, use and disposal of our products should be as environmentally friendly and socially responsible as possible;
    -Responsible treatment of natural resources;
    -Commitment to sustainable business development.

In order to do our part to conserve natural resources, we have installed photovoltaic installations on the roofs of our buildings that generate 37.4 kWh of clean power. 100 % of the additional required power comes from renewable energy sources.  Our vehicle fleet meets the EURO-5 norm and uses the latest technology to reduce emissions. The grounds of our company are a biotope with a large variety of trees, plants and small living things. This is how we do our part for the diversity of species in nature.In our daily business we pay attention to avoiding paper printouts. If they are unavoidable we print on environmentally compatible paper.